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Try out Gavagai Explorer in a 30-day free trial - no credit card required1. The trial includes 2000 free credits and each credit counts towards analysis of one row in your data input file2. Such a row is typically a review, blog-post, tweet, or open-ended response from a survey, but it may also be empty3.
  • 1 To continue using Explorer after the free trial, you will need to enter your payment information. You will then pay monthly in advance for an allowance of credits towards analysis and if you increase your volume you will get a discount, and the price per text will decrease.
  • There is no long term contract and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your account at any time.
  • You have full access to your data for as long as you have an active paid account.
  • If an account is cancelled its data is fully available for the remainder of the billing period. Then the data is frozen and, after an additional period of 3 months, deleted.
  • All prices exclude VAT which will be added for EU customers at the time of billing. EU customers outside of Sweden can opt out of the tax if they provide a valid VAT number. Please contact our support in that case.
  • 2 Gavagai Explorer has a simple pricing model based on volume: you pay for the number of texts that you analyze. By "text", we mean one single row of the Excel or CSV file that you upload to the project. This is because of how texts must be formatted when they are uploaded to the Explorer; there should be one document in each row of the file (+any meta data you want to keep track of). The definition of "document" depends on the data being used. If it is survey data, each document is one response. If it is tweets, each tweet should be its own document. If it would be product reviews, then there should be one review per row. It's important to keep the notion of document when working with the tool, as this is vital to getting the right statistics about the data.
  • 3 The system is set up to charge for the total amount of rows, no matter the content (text, symbols, emojis, etc), or if there are empty rows. The reason that the system includes empty rows (and charges for them) is that even empty rows might be significant in the statistics and therefore we leave it up to each customer to prepare their data as they see fit before uploading to the Gavagai Explorer system.